Cold Laser Testimonials
I would like to share with you the amazing results that I had with Cold Laser treatment I received after a fall down an escalator.

I had received Cold Laser treatments in a couple of other instances, and I knew how well it worked but I surely didn't expect the results that I received with the soft tissue injury.

I sustained bruising to the right hip and thigh, my low back was injured, after a couple of weeks of treatment, I noticed that I was having a hard time focusing on things, and what I called brain fog took over. We had planned a beach vacation to start in about ten days. I started thinking we wouldn't be able to go on our vacation and if we did go I wouldn't be able to wear a swim suit, because the soft tissue damage on my right thigh and hip was so bad.

Dr. Lee started treatment with the Cold Laser on my first visit, and I continued seeing him every day for ten days until we were ready to leave for our vacation. In those ten days I was just amazed the bruising was gone, I really thought I'd have some ugly black and blue, purple and yellow bruise, but the healing was just amazing.

When we returned from our vacation my neck started hurting, and I was having headaches, I couldn't focus on things, and what I call brain fog took over, this is when Dr. Lee proceeded treating with the Cold Laser on my neck, head, and temples, after the first treatment I felt so much better, but the symptoms came back, so he continued with the treatment and after three or four treatments I noticed that In was feeling so much better, and today I am not having any more foggy brain and I am able to focus and no more headaches.

Thank you Dr. Lee!

Carrie Berkhiem

After working at the service desk at King Soopers for 5 months, age 53, I was waking up every morning with my right thumb locked to where I could not bend it. It was terrifying, as I was not sure what action I was taking that was causing it, save for tapping on the computer screen all day, with my index finger. I am also a fine arts painter, so this situation was a threat to my well-being on many levels. I tried every exercise I could think of and finally when I had exhausted all hope, I called Dr. Lee. It had not occurred that chiropractic could help with my thumb…

He has been using Cold Laser combined with regular chiropractic adjustments every week for about 6 weeks and I no longer sleep with a splint.

I changed jobs, as well, and this thumb is actually better now than my left thumb which experiences some stiffness.

Joanna Whitney
Denver, CO

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and lower back in 1993. I was given 600 mg of Ibuprophen per day, for 22 years. For 22 years I was unable to stand for more than 2 minutes without pain and I was unable to walk without pain. I went to see Dr. Lee for about a month, 1 x per week. He adjusted my back and used the Cold Laser on my back and my head. After the first treatment, I noticed an enormous difference, and now I feel 20 years younger. Now I am able to walk through the neighborhood for half an hour for exercise, ride my bicycle around town, and I just feel so much better! I no longer take the Ibuprophen. Everything is different now that my back is healed.

William Brewer, age 63, Denver, CO.